State of North Carolina

1st Breath is working to gather support for the Dignity Act and several other issues to acknowledge our babies.  If you would like to support and work on these efforts, please contact

District of Columbia

1st Breath met with the Washington DC Council Chairman’s and Health Committee Chairman's staff and would like to thank Monica Fleischman of DC for joining us and sharing her story.  If you are a parent of a baby who was born still in DC please contact us to see how you can help get your baby’s birth acknowledged.  


State of Kansas

Efforts are being made to contact Kansas legislators and encourage them to have Kansas acknowledge our babies births with two pieces of legislation.  If you would like to help, please contact your Kansas state legislator to support the Dignity Act and the tax deduction allowance for stillborn babies.



1st Breath participates in workshops, seminars, and meetings with the public or medical professionals.  If you would like to schedule an activity, or need assistance in a project pertaining to stillbirth, please contact us at