It can sometimes take a great deal of time for information and research to reach medical staff.  Please let your doctor know about 1st Breath's work and how we can provide information, resources and assistance.  Let them know about the Lancet Series and the resources we provide to them and their clients.


Please ask your doctor to sign up on the 1st Breath website so we can keep them posted on important stillbirth issues.   Also, please don't forget to sign up yourself.  With all of us working together we can make a huge impact on reducing stillbirth in the USA.

1st Breath and several other national leaders in the fight against stillbirth have come together to develop a national coalition that will bring us together as one voice that must be heard.  The coalition will allow the many organizations, professionals and families in the USA to come together together in an effort to spread stillbirth awareness and prevention.  Please add your family, organization and yourself to the growing number of those that want stillbirth to be recognized, researched and prevented.  You may join us at  Please help spread the word to your family, medical professionals and organizations so our numbers may continue to grow and be prepared to speak as one loud voice about Stillbirth.