1st Breath wishes to provide tools and training that will address the needs of medical professionals that deal with stillborn infants and their families.  The 1st Breath Compassion Care Kit program is designed to provide hospitals the ability to give needed additional support to parents of stillborn children.   The compassion kits provide hospital staff an additional tool to address specific emotional issues and decisions that parents are faced with upon the stillbirth of their baby.  The Compassion Care Kits address the need to assist families in making a lifetime of memories in the short time they have to spend with their baby, along with future resources and items to assist them in their grief journey.  These kits will be a valuable addition to the care families receive while in the hospital, through the time they say their final goodbye to their baby, and for months to come.  The Compassion Care Kit Program is based on the premise that providing these kits for hospitals will allow families to receive the support they need to make informed decisions, and to prevent future regrets due to lack of information.   
   If your hospital would like to participate in the 1st Breath Compassion Care Kit program, please complete the survey by using this link:  

1st Breath Compassion Care Kit application