Take your time to make decisions.  There is normally no real need to rush.  Take this time to prepare, investigate, and make memories.  Unless your health is at risk you do not need to rush to delivery.

Take time to make memories.  This baby is a member of your family and you only have this one chance to make a lifetime of memories.  This is true for all members of your family, even your baby's siblings.  Take pictures, obtain momentos, hold and rock the baby.  Take advantage of every moment and make as many memories as possible for everyone.  It will help a great deal in the future.

Take your time in saying goodbye.  You will probably want to see your baby several times before you must say your final goodbye.

These next few days are the only time you will ever have to make parental decisions for your child.  Do not let the shock and grief cause you to let someone else take over planning and decision making.  Well thought out decisions will provide comfort to you in the future.

Ask for a peer support to be contacted.  Unless you have someone with you who has experienced the stillbirth of their own baby you may be at a loss as to what decisions are to be made and what is available to you.  Ask your nursing staff to locate an organization such as 1st Breath that is made up of parents who have experienced the stillbirth of their own baby, can provide support and may be aware of resources of which the hospital may not be aware.  Medical professionals do all they can to comfort and address families, but often have limited time, resources or experience with stillbirth. 

If you desire, you should be able to take the baby home with you for a few hours.  This often allows families the comfort of making memories and saying their goodbyes in the privacy of a familiar environment.  Many parents may find it very comforting to be able to carry their baby home when leaving the hospital.