So many of you have assisted and supported 1st Breath with your time, efforts and donations.  We want to thank you for your compassion and assistance in acknowledging our babies who were born still, reaching out to those families and individuals dealing with stillbirth, and allowing us to work for reduction and prevention of future stillbirths and early infant deaths.

We want to say a special thank you to our board members.  From the beginning they have supported 1st Breath with their time, money, skills and compassion.  Today they continue to encourage and guide the organization.  If we stumble they are always there to pick us up, dust us off and push us off in the right direction.  Their hearts and efforts are compassionately woven into this cause, and their love and encouragement is boundless.

1st Breath is also blessed with a group of advisors that graciously provide their expertise free of charge.  Thank you to Jason for your medical input, Yolanda for taking care of tax document preparation, Yair for website programming and teaching, Bill for your counseling and resource guidance, Susan for counseling programs, Judy for your marketing expertise, Sherokee and Marian for your vision and listening, Julio for your creative skills and on-line fundraising, and Matthew for providing polymath services at the drop of a hat for the office, events, and absolutely anything else that pops up.  Erin & Marilyn for your constant support and performance as the perfect sounding board. We also thank Discount ASP.NET for hosting our site and Sitefinity CMS for licensing. 

A special thank you to Heartland Church of Christ for providing past office space and utilities in a building they own in Kansas City, MO, Brad and Debbie for donating and delivering office furnishings, and a special group of teenagers who made our office moves in the midwest and east coast possible, while another group of teens help make new contents for our Compassion Care Kits.  Thanks to all the volunteers that contribute and come up with some of the most wonderful items and ideas. The tangible haven and services you have provided 1st Breath in the past helps sustain our focus and resolve and allowed us to grow and become more productive.


Hundred of names are running through my head of individuals who we want to thank.  You have each made a donation of some type that has helped 1st Breath.  Your talents, time, financial assistance, in-kind donations and constant encouragement have kept us moving forward.  Thanks to all of you for your support and kindness.  Our babies are finally beginning to be acknowledged and we are cautiously optimistic that stillbirth reduction may be on the horizon in the USA.



Gratefully yours,


Pat Flynn, CEO