SPROUT Pregnancy Essentials

The definitive pregnancy app for moms & moms-to-be.


Med ART Studios has generously teamed with 1st Breath to provide a number of free Sprout apps to pregnant again moms. 


To qualify:

    1) Join the 1st Breath website. (under Programs tab) (Optional)

    2) Be pregnant again after previously experiencing a stillbirth

    3) Use an iPhone / iPod / iPad as your primary cell phone.  (USA)

    4) Email your contact information to info@1stBreath.org with "SPROUT request" as the subject line.

    4) Be willing to share your experience and Sprout impressions with 1st Breath.


SPROUT Pregnancy Essentials


Lifelike Fetal Imagery

The extraordinarily detailed and anatomically accurate images of the developing fetus are simply stunning. Each gestational week features high resolution images that were produced exclusively for this iPhone pregnancy app. 


Explore in 3D

Industry leading developers teamed up with world-class medical animation studios to create 3D models of the developing fetus. Rotate the model from any direction to get more detail and a unique viewing angle. 


Week by Week Advice

Every week you are provided with medical advice and helpful tips about your pregnancy. Written by doctors, the information is comprehensive yet concise. 


Pregnancy Timeline

View a pregnancy timeline customized with your own baby's weekly milestones. See exactly when your tests and doctor visits will be.


Prepare for Your Doctor Visits

Create a list of questions for your next doctor visit simply by clicking from a suggested list of symptoms, questions, or things to discuss with your doctor.


Pregnancy Checklists

Comprehensive checklists to help you prepare for the hospital and bringing home your baby. 


Weight Tracker

A useful tool to help you keep track of weight gain during your pregnancy.


Kick Counter

Count your baby's kicks with this easy to use device. Simply start a session and press the kick button every time your baby moves.


Contraction Timer

A simple to use tool that allows you to record the duration and frequency of your contractions. It's an indispensable tool on your iPhone when the time comes.